Bulk T-shirt Printing

tshirt printing

Need to dress a lot of people in the same way at an event? Then look no further. Making your entire team wear the same garment will create an impression. We cannot stress it enough, a T-shirt is a great marketing tool. On top of that, everyone will be comfortable.
There are different moments when you should consider bulk T-shirt printing. If you find yourself in any of the following situations then it should be a no brainer:
* If you want to keep costs down
* If you want tees as a uniform
* If you want tees as a giveaway
* If you’re a designer and have a “signature” piece
For a quick quote on personalised t-shirts or custom long sleeve shirts, or simply some advice on how to design a t-shirt, get in touch! Call Us @ 98220 39087

T-shirt Printing

Heyy are you one of these--
1) Annoyed with ill fitted readymade T-shirts (specially on tummy)
2) Bored with same ( none) patterns of T-shirts
3) Luv T-shirts but can't get much designs as per your choice and fit then we have all the answers
We design and stich the T-shirts with lot of variety of patterns and for all the sizes and as per your measurements (specially length). You will observe best comfort ever in a T-shirt. Here is one picture of a T-shirt where we have stiched ad designed the pattern.All the patterns are priced between 500-600Rs. For more details get in touch! Call Us @ 98220 39087

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